There is no good furniture without a good service.

Ralfs Lēmanis
Head of company TAPS,
furniture design author

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Responsibly for every furniture since 1994.
Company`s manager believes that the most important thing is: “always do things well – some people will be delighted, but some - surprised”.
Glory can be bought, but reputation can only be earned. Our good things can be viewed and ordered at our factory or
There is also a wide choice of fabrics in different prices.

Along with the first hints of freedom in 1988., the idea of an individual company was born. At the time when cooperation`s were developing and the market was flourishing, it was decided by the contemporary manager of the company to establish a family enterprise. This stage concluded with the foundation of the Ltd. TAPS as a family business in 1994.

The passion of the founder of the company has always been the creation of new upholstered furniture. At the beginning, the main task of the enterprise was to prove itself and test its capabilities in the market by offering custom furniture, unique projects and batch file merchandise.

Nevertheless, in 2001, focusing on the local market, it was decided to produce and offer only batch file furniture models, that can be adjusted according to the needs of the client – shorter, longer, wider, taller.

Nowadays, the goal of the company is to offer high quality wide consumption upholstered furniture for daily use and good night sleep, as well as provide good and reliable service all around Latvia.